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Florida Women's Sailing Association

 FWSA was founded in 1973 to promote and to encourage the growth of women's sailing groups in Florida.

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50th FWSA Logo Front.jpg

"Let's Sail-a-brate!

50 years of FWSA Sailing Sisterhood!"

The Long-Range Planning needs your input for a brighter future for the FWSA

The Long-Range Planning Committee is seeking your input on what would the members like to see in the next five years.


They want to know what you love, hate, what to change and/or eliminate and want to see in our future.

                    Please take this brief, anonymous survey

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                       Upcoming Events

Salty Sisters Interclub

Holiday Fun

Wed., October 25, 2023


FWSA General Meeting

50th Anniversary Celebration

   Wed., January 17, 2024


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