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What should we be doing in the next 1-5 years best meet our needs?

Long Range Planning

Seven main area of Focus

 1.  Make the FWSA meetings more interactive, more engaging with less time spent on routine reports, in order to more effectively use our limited time together.

 2.  Hold fewer interclubs to encourage greater participation in each one with more coordination amoungst the interclub chairs and FWSA VP.

 3.  Sponsor more educational programs and clinics to improve sailing and racing skills, along with race management and small safety & mark boat handling skill.

 4.  Set consistent dates for Rainbow and Championship Regattas.

 5.  Incorporate more crewed boat experiences.

 6.  Enhance communication amongst clubs through improved FWSA website.

 7.  Create mechanisms to hold the board accountable for implementing change.

How to get to Yes!

Long Range Planning Committee Year 4, May 2023
Assessment Report

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