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2022 Crewed Boat Championship is in the books!

Updated: Nov 19, 2022

The Luffing Lassies in Sarasota hosted the 2022 Crewed Boat Championship on November 7th. Pam Miller, a Bitter Ends member and FWSA Publicity/Historian Committee Chair, has written a fantastic article on the day which you can read here.

Congratulations to 1st place finishers in the Spin division: Luffing Lassies Lorri Kaigen and Kimberly Duplissy. And kudos also go to the 1st place finishers in the Non-Spin division: Luffing Lassies Jennifer Means and Barbara Sylvester. The final score sheet can be found here.

Huge shout out to Jennifer Joy Walker Photography! Jennifer, a Luffing Lassie,

was on the water and expertly captured all the exciting sailing of the day! Below are just a few photos but you must click here to view them all to get a real feel of the blustery conditions! Thank you, Jennifer, for your time and talent! And, thanks also to Joy Sheets, FWSA's Vice President, for taking all the great photos on land. See all of Joy's photos here.

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