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51st Annual Commodore Lucas

The 51st Annual Commodore Lucas was held at St. Petersburg Yacht Club at Pass-A-Grill, hosted by the Broad Reachers.

This year’s event was a great success, with 14 sailors from eight different FWSA Clubs. Broad Reacher Captain Goria Davis, our PRO, along with her Race Committee, successfully ran three of five races. The PAG winds were not cooperative, as usual. There was a total of 35 folks that day, including spectators, Safety Boat drivers, other volunteers, and our very helpful “Boat Handlers.”

First place with to Luffing Lassie, Lisa Brown-Ehrhart, Bow Chaser, Cathy McNally took second place, and third place went to Mainsheet Mama, PJ Summerville. Our Rookie Award was won by Salty Sister Mik Severini.

Carol Hansen, Event Organizer

Broad Reachers


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