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The Mainsheet Mamas hosted their Gasparilla themed interclub

Kicking off the interclub event, the Mamas were joined at the Salt Shack by a few of the registered sailors. All enjoyed watching the sun set over Tampa Bay while enjoying dinner and drinks right on the sea wall. Briefly joined by dolphins, all agreed that it was a wonderful evening and left hoping for a bit of breeze in the morning.

Having no morning wind on Hillsborough Bay earlier this week, there were many activities planned should there be no sailing. As it turned out, the pirates were fortunate to have just enough breeze to pull off two races yesterday. Thank you to the PRO PJ Summerville, Tiffany DeMarcay, and Julie Sargent for serving as Race Committee. Also thanks to Charlie Cushing, a Dinghy Dude, for piloting the spectator boat. And to all the Dames who sailed across the bay in very light winds to get to the race course. The Dames also brought three Capris to watch the racing and to join in the lunch and award festivities.

After changing in to pirate costumes, everyone enjoyed lunch together under the shade of the pavillion. Many thanks to Carroll McClain, MM, and Chansi Harrow, DD, for all the work that went into getting over 30 lunches distributed. Milk Punch, a Gasparilla Pirate traditional beverage, was served and awards announced.

The winners were:

Prams: 1st Sherry Swan, DD; 2nd Kathryn Ferry, LL; and 3rd Dee Gill, BR.

Sunfish: 1st Lisa Brown-Ehrhart, LL; 2nd Lynne Randall, DD; and 3rd Marti Cochran, SS.

Costume Contest winner: Margaret Dufeny, DD.

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