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"Is It Ever Too Late to Go Sailing? One Woman's Final Sunfish Race Day in her 90th year"


Shirley Geoffrion, the oldest active Sunfish sailor of the FWSA, arrived at Higel Marine Park in Venice, FL at 8:00 am towing her Sunfish sailboat "Sea Shirl." She independently unloaded Sea Shirl from the trailer, rigged her, and pulled Sea Shirl on her dolly to the launch area. It was May 8, 2024 and Shirley's last race day racing with the Bitter Ends in her 90th year of life. Shirley completed four races with three 6th place finishes and one 4th place finish. As she enjoyed her return sail to the dock, she gave Sea Shirl an affectionate pat while taking in the sights of Roberts Bay.

Shirley joined the Bitter Ends in 2009. For many years Shirley was a snowbird returning to her home in Maine for the summer. She was a regular competitor in FWSA's interclubs and The Rainbow Regatta. Her last interclub race was with the Rhumb Runners on March 11, 2024 where she finished in 10th place. Shirley grew up on the coast of Maine sailing in the deep waters of the Atlantic Ocean which made her a strong and fearless sailor. She attributes her long sailing career to daily weight workouts at the gym.

Best known for calling "Hold Your Course" Shirley did so until her last finish of her last race with the Bitter Ends. We will all miss you on the water Sea Shirl!!

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