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 FWSA is inviting FWSA Members to another Zoom Education Series.

                          Topic: Team Racing 101

                                 Get your groove on for April 24 - TEAM RACING at Windlasses.

 Yes, it will be recorded.  We will get information to access the video after each session. You will receive emails with the links for sessions 2 (March 29) and 3 (April 12) before each session.

                                                     Wednesday, March 22 @ 7pm - Starts & Upwind​

                                  This session covers Starts and Upwind and should last about one hour.

Wednesday March 29 @7pm - Reach & downwind

                                                    Wednesday, April 12 @ 7 pm - Appendix D... Team racing rules.



We are looking forward to lots of fun!


Please contact MARGO CURREY if you have questions.  (

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