Young Woman Sailor of the Year Award

First established in 2008 to promote and support the sport of sailing, the Young Woman Sailor of the Year Award is awarded to a female resident of Florida with no age limit.  She should be dedicated to training to compete in the world of sailboat racing.

Nomination forms are to be returned one month prior to the FWSA annual May meeting.


Our History

Founded in 1973 to promote and encourage the growth of women's sailing groups along the West coast of Florida, the FWSA functions to:

  • Encourage the sport of women's interclub yacht racing

  • Foster and encourage social fellowships pertaining to all things nautical between member clubs and similar associations

  • Improve communication between clubs

  • Forward and advance sailing in all its phases through education and sailing clinics

  • Promote and coordinate interclub, match team racing, and other sailing events for and between its members under uniform rules.

Currently, there are nine member clubs with more than four hundred women racing once a week in their respective sailing clubs on the Florida West Coast.  Membership is open and we welcome additional sailing clubs.